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We create unique product designs and we have extensive experience in the production of electronic components, household appliances, care products and equipment for HoReCa and many others. In addition, we create sales forecasts for the product so as to be able to assist our clients in all future activities.

About us

We have more than 65 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing to major international brands from areas such as the USA, Europe and Asia. We cooperate with over 200 partners and suppliers of semi-finished products. We understand that we could not offer such a high quality service without the amazing people who work with us and work every day to offer the best solutions for our customers. Our team of engineers watches over the entire production process and during servicing. In addition, we have a special team in the company that investigates consumer satisfaction with products. Based on the results of its research, we are constantly working on improving usability and increasing consumer satisfaction.

Production activities

Product idea – Creation of product concept and Industrial Design ? structural engineering – prototype creation ? electronics design – design of both hardware and software ? forms and tools for mass production – design, construction and qualification ? social compliance – adapting products to legal market requirements ? mass production ? warranty and post-warranty service for devices

Distribution activities

The experience of our company in distributing products around the world allows us to determine the best methods of delivering articles, so that the execution of orders is ideally suited to the needs of our customers and to reduce the risk of delays and additional costs during the execution of orders. Thanks to the flexibility of deliveries, we are able to adjust the time and delivery method.

Delivery flexibility, forecasting sales growth, warranty and post-warranty service for products.